What jobs use dose (e/A^2)

What jobs use the dose parameter? Would a workflow for negative stain data (on a CCD camera so no movie frames and no local motion correction) need a meaningful value?

Hi @Geoffrey,

Aside from the ‘Import Movies’ job, ‘Patch Motion Correction’ is the only other job type that has an input for exposure dose (in this case, the ability to override the dose (in total e/A² over the exposure) that was given at import time).

We have created a short tutorial that covers processing negative statin data, check it out!

Hope that helps!

- Suhail

I would like to know what jobs use the parameter, not set it.

For instance, I do see that motioncor2 uses this parameter. run_motioncor2.py contains frame_dose = movie['mscope_params/total_dose_e_per_A2']. But for other jobs whose source is not available I cannot tell.

Another way I could tell would be to set a silly value (-1), do a workflow, and see how the results were effected.

But I was hoping you could let me know :slight_smile:

Only motion correction with dose weighting uses the dose. I set the value to 100 unless I want to write in the real value for future use.

Hi @Geoffrey! @DanielAsarnow is correct - only motion correction jobs (Patch motion, Rigid motion, MotionCor2, Local Motion) use the dose parameter. So you can set any value and get the same results.