What does this kind of error indicate?


I’m trying to perform “patch motion correction” in CryoSPARC, but I don’t have dose weights or a gain reference file for my dataset (EMPIAR 11757). As far as I understand, this error likely means I’m missing some necessary input details. What other motion correction method should I use instead? FYI, I have 4K .mrcs files and 1 .txt file as raw data.

PS: I say this is an error because this stays like this for days/weeks and nothing ever happens.

Thanks so much in advance,

@MNSP Please can you post the following information:

  1. the project and job IDs for the job from the screenshot
  2. the job ID of the upstream movie import job
  3. output of the commands
    ps -eo pid,ppid,start,cmd | grep cryosparc
    cryosparcm joblog P99 J999
    where P99 and J999 are replaced by the actual job and project IDs of the job from the screenshot