What can we do before patch motion correction if raw data have very low quality?

Hello Every one,
“While our raw movies may appear challenging due to the presence of thick ice, we are optimistic about uncovering valuable data that could yield useful information. However, upon implementing patch motion correction, the results proved to be unexpectedly peculiar. I have attached images of both the raw movies and the outcomes of the patch motion correction for your reference. If anyone has encountered a similar issue and has insights or solutions, I would greatly appreciate your guidance. Thank you!”

occasionally CTFFind (wrapped in Cryosparc) works well for challenging cases. But if all of your movies look similar to this, I would focus effort on new grids/better data collection if possible.

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Thank you so much for replying. Unfortunately, most of the movies look like these.

It’ll be more time efficient to go back and optimise your grids rather than struggle with data which looks like that… :frowning:

Hi Ellie,

which camera and which format are the movies in?