Weird error with import of gain corrected files


When we import mrc.bz2 files (compressed gain corrected movies), something very weird happens - see attached. J1308 is import of the mrc.bz2; J1307 is importing the same file, but uncompressed before import.

This is not just a display bug - the same “fracturing” (maybe some error with the order in which lines are read?) persists after motion correction and particle picking, and therefore affects downstream processing. Happy to provide an example of the offending movies if needed.


Thank you for reporting this, and for the offer of sharing some examples. I will send you a direct message shortly for data upload arrangements.

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Thank you @olibclarke for sharing example data. We have identified a likely cause and looking into a fix. No additional data are needed at this point.

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The latest patch is relevant to this topic.

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