Weird 2D classification results

I updated my cryoSPARC to the latest version. The 2D classification results sometimes looks weird, like shows below.

Even if I used the same parameter as I did in the version 3.2, the results are different from below, I can got only 1/10 good particles as the old version can give me.

I am wondering why. If anyone come across the same problems as me.

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This was a bug in 4.2.0 if you used multiple GPUs for 2D classification which made this happen (happened to lots of other people) but was fixed in a hotfix patch.

4.2.1 is the latest release, but I’ve not run multi-GPU 2D on a 4.2.1 system yet.

edit: I see normal 2D classes running on multiple GPUs with 4.2.1. Please check you’re running 4.2.1. :slight_smile:


@mhu Please let us know what version of CryoSPARC you are running.