Web interface is unstable and hangs after upgrading to V4.0.2

After upgrading to V4.0.2 (from 3.3.2) the web interface became extremely unstable.
It can be accessed, and jobs can be executed but the interface stops responding after some time.
Restarting cryosparc fixes the problem, but only for a short time.
Also, previous live sessions cannot be accessed through the web interface.

How “busy” is your CryoSPARC master host when the interface stops responding? How much RAM does it have and does it also handle CPU or GPU workloads?
Are you using a reverse proxy to access the CryoSPARC UI?
Please can you post screenshots of the interface when it stops responding, including screenshots of the browser console’s (on Chrome accessible via “More tools”|“Developer tools”, for example) Network tab during/after a page reload.
After navigating in your browser to <master_hostname>:<master_baseport>/browse/P*, can you see tiles representing projects that should include a CryoSPARC Live session, and do such tiles have a button for Live sessions?

Updating Chrome seems to resolve the problem

Hi @RD_Cryo ,

Thanks for the update. We also released v4.0.3 today which includes a fix for an issue other users ran into when attempting to load the homepage.

- Suhail

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