Volume tools: Dilation Radius: in Å or pixels?

When making masks with the volume tools job, is the Dilation Radius and the Soft Padding Width specified in Å, or in pixels?


gray surface = original map at 4 Å/pixel
Blue mesh = mask made with Dilation radius = 4, Soft padding = 0. Mask displayed @ threshold = 1
Blue sphere = 16-Å diameter.
Dilated mask obviously 16 Å outside of original map; therefore dilation must be specified in pixels
Red mesh = mask with Dilation = 4, Padding = 4. Displayed @ threshold = 0.02 (i.e. near zero). Obviously extends another 16 Å, so padding in pixels also.


Hi @rj.edwards, you are right - the radius and padding width are specified in pixels! Thanks for providing the example :slight_smile: