Visualizing 2D classes

Running 2D classes on particles that have a stable symmetric central core with “floppy” domains extending from the core. I classified the particles using a mask that look interesting. I now want to remove the mask on the display of the 2D classes to reveal how the floppy domains are oriented relative to the core. Is there a way to do this in cyrosparc?

Hi @mwaxham,

Do you mean that you used a circular mask during 2D classification to focus on the core region?
Unfortunately there isn’t a simple way to recompute the 2D classes without mask using the same alignments and assignments that you have - they only option is to re-run 2D classification without the mask, but presumably this is not what you want to do?

Yes, you surmised exactly what I was hoping. That the mask could be removed and reveal the underlying area of the alignments. Sounds like the answer is no, too bad. Thanks for letting me know.