Visual bug in import movies

Hi cryoSPARC dev,

i recently went through some extensive reprocessing (due to bad usage of rm -rf) and I think, there is a visual bug in import movies.

In the thumbnails, 3 exemplary micrographs are shown, and the third is always ‘zoomed in’:

Is this a bug or a feature?

Because it’s confusing and leaves the impression, that the actual micrographs are at different pixel size, even though, they are not.


Hi @ctueting,

Thanks for pointing this out. There is a bug here, but it’s not the one that there seems to be :laughing:. The three plots are supposed to be the same micrograph, at three different magnification levels. We’ve noticed however that if the movies are square with a frame size that is a power of two, the first two images will be the same. We will fix this in some future release.


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I love the little zoom feature. Although that might be because the ice contamination in one of the earlier datasets we ran in CryoSPARC, the “zoom” image looks kind of like a bird sitting on a branch. :smiling_face:

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 10.32.03b

Which, when I see that in the tile view on that system, never fails to make me smile. :slight_smile: Sometimes the little things…


Ahh. That was not clear at all, but makes absolutely sense. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Hi all, thanks for the feedback! This has been fixed in v4.5, released May 7, 2024, with an additional scale bar feature on the thumbnails.