Viewing job/project from read-only directory

I have some Cryosparc projects that I’m done doing processing on, but would still like to be able to look at using the Cryosparc gui (they’re related to papers that I’m currently writing and other similar datasets that I’m still collecting so being able to easily look at any given old job as a reference has still been useful). We’re currently running low on our tier-0 fast storage, so I’d like to export these projects to our slower tier-1 storage to free up the tier-0 space for projects that are actively being processed. The cryosparc user does not have write access to the tier-1 space though, so it errors out when I try to import a project from there.

Is there a way to look at a cryosparc project/ cryosparc jobs that are stored in a read-only directory? If not, I think it’d be a useful future feature to allow data archiving while retaining the ability to refer back to old work.

Hi @kpahil,

Thanks for the post! Read-only access to projects is a great idea and on our to-do list for an upcoming release. I’ll reply to this topic once it is available.

- Suhail

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