Viewing job inputs after run too complicated

The inputs to a job now include all low-level information for every particle set / volume. It used to be quick and easy to see which inputs were given, but it is now much more complicated in this view, especially if there are several inputs. Am I missing an option to collapse the low-level input information? For instance I used to be able to instantaneously say “oh, I brought in selected particles from J1234 and then used volumes from classes 0,1,4,6,7,9 from J1235 as reference for this one”.

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Clicking the job and scrolling down in the sidebar will show you the inputs in a format similar to the old inputs panel:


perfect, thanks! how could I miss it lol

Hi @CryoEM2 ,

Thanks for the post! With regards to your original request of only showing the top-level input data by default (via the job dialog → Inputs and Parameters tab), this is something we’ll add to our to-do list for an upcoming release.


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