View and select extracted particles

Is there a way to view lowpass-filtered particles and manually select particles based on an extract job?

Hi @JMB, you can connect the particles and corresponding micrographs to a Manual Picker job where you will be able to manually adjust your picks (but currently, this can only be done on the first 100 micrographs in the set - we will be fixing this). To do this for other micrographs, you can use Exposure Tools to split the dataset up into 100-micrograph sets and then use the Manual Picker as described above.
We would also recommend that you can go straight to 2D classification without fine-tuning the picks this way, and if you run the job with a larger number of classes you should be able to identify junk classes fairly easily. I hope this helps! Thanks

Hi @spunjani,
thanks you for the suggestion. This helped lot.