V2 Installation Questions

Two questions regarding a new installation of V2 on a system which was previously (and is still) running 0.65

  1. I installed both master and worker using Cuda 9.2 and added myself as a user with no errors. I can connect to either version from a browser running locally on the server. I can also connect to V0.65 at port 38000 from remote systems. However, if I try to connect to V2.0 on port 39000 from a remote server, I always get a “can’t establish a connection” error. I’m still checking, but I don’t think this port is blocked by our firewall. Any suggestions?

  2. Is it possible to import projects previously run on V0.65 and backed up into the new version, or is the structure incompatible!



  1. You can set up SSH port forwarding to access port 39000 from your local machine: ssh -N -f -L localhost:39000:localhost:39000 <remote_instance>
  2. At the moment, it’s not possible to transfer projects from cryoSPARC v0 to v2

Hope that helps!

- Suhail

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