Using SSD cache for exposure processing

Hi everyone,

I have lots of exposures on a storage mounted via nfs interface (physically, on an HDD drive of a computer in a local network). Since the total size of a dataset is larger than the internal 10 Tb SSD storage of the cryosparc server, I can not store them on a server directly, and also there is no HDD storage on the server.

I wonder, whether it’s possible (and whether it would be beneficial for the processing speed) to cache them (in batches, probably?) to SSD prior to exposure processing routines such as motion correction & CTF estimation.

Hi @marinegor,

Sorry for the late reply.
I think it might be better to leave your exposures on the network drive. You might find that the time it takes you to first copy a batch of movies, start Patch Motion Correction, remove the movies, load the next batch, etc., might take longer than the time it takes to read the movies directly over the network in one shot.

What are your current exposure read times (the Patch Motion Correction job should report them in the overview tab)? If they are less than 20-30 seconds I think you should be fine to leave them where they are.

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thanks for the reply!

Yes, it’s around 20 seconds. I’ll re-mount the drive via nfs instead of sshfs, which I hope will further improve the speed.