Use smaller box size in "New"/NU refinement jobs?


In the “legacy” homogeneous refinement job, there was an option to run refinement in a smaller box size, automatically downsampling images on the fly. This was very handy when working with large boz size particles, as one could run a lot of quick test refinements in a smaller box size, then re-run at full box size for a final refinement.

Currently one can create a whole downsampled stack, but being able to change the downsampling on the fly is much more flexible and convenient when running a lot of tests.

Would it be possible to bring this option back for the “New” and non uniform refinement jobs?



Dear @olibclarke,

Added to the tracker! This came up internally recently when expanding the functionality of heterogeneous refinement, and will definitely be helpful for dealing with memory constraints without having to downsample before using the 3D jobs.


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Thanks @mmclean - would be great to have for 3D-VA as well!