Use patch based motion correction as prior for local motion correction?




The new patch based motion correction job seems to do a great job, and is extremely fast.

It seems though that there may still be some value in additionally performing local (per particle) motion correction (in the same way that polishing in relion offers some benefit over motioncor2, although I don’t know how much of that is due to motion correction and how much to improved dose weighting). Firstly, is this a reasonable thought, or is per particle motion correction now effectively deprecated?

Secondly, per particle motion correction is by default initialized from the whole frame “rigid motion” trajectories. Now that presumably more accurate local trajectories can be estimated from the patch based motion correction job, would it be worth adding an option to initialize from these, instead?


EDIT: altered to reflect the fact that I was mistaken about how exposure weighting worked in the local motion correction job