Use 3D-VA modes as prior for mesh generation? (3D-flex)


I see that there is an option to use 3D-VA to initialize the latent coordinates, which makes sense.

I wonder if along the same lines, it might also be possible to use volume series generated by 3D-VA display to help define the rigidity and connectivity of the mesh?

There is often a lot of information about interdomain flexibility encoded in these, and seems like it might be a better prior for estimating rigidity than just the raw density value?


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Probably true! There are a lot of avenues for improving mesh generation/topology and rigidity weighting. Using 3DVA makes a lot of sense (and so far we’ve mostly seen good 3DFlex results in cases where 3DVA also does well in showing that there’s motion).
We’re hoping that with the new cryosparc-tools (Getting Started — cryosparc-tools) it will be easy for people to try out new strategies for mesh construction (and other things) and we’ll also be trying to make some strategies built-in to CryoSPARC