Upgrading old Extract From Micrographs to "new"


Thank you for implementing the “Save as 16-bit floating point” feature. It’s really made a huge difference for large stacks.

I was wondering if there is any way to “upgrade” old jobs to the new version, so that clearing and re-running them would yield the smaller stacks? I know that one can re-extract the particles, but for those cases where this option would come in handy, is there a theoretical solution?

I see a way out of it by initiating a new job and substituting old stacks with those from a new job, but that seems a bit indirect.

Thanks for the consideration.



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Hi @jparmache_psu, thanks for posting - unfortunately given how the software system works, it’s not possible to have jobs created in the past be updated with the new parameters that are available in newer versions - jobs will need to be created again. Thanks!