Unit for local resolution estimation

What is the unit used for local resolution estimation?

I got the output files map.locres with numbers ranging between 0-7. What is the unit for these numbers?



I believe these are in Angstroms (Å)

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Thanks. I agree. But some of the values are near 0 which confused me…

Have a look at where they are in the volume. Assuming it is a small proportion, they could be due to overfitting-streaks near the mask edge?

Thanks! I notice that they are all near the surface, i.e., the edge of the of masks.

Is there any way to get rid of this?

Use a softer mask, and consider using non-uniform refinement if you are not already. If they are only a few voxels and your protein density looks good I wouldn’t worry too much though.


Thanks a lot. I will try a different mask.