Unable to edit job parameters of a job in "building" state


it seems that it’s not possible (or I haven’t figured how) one can edit the parameters of a job after the job was queued and cleared, a job failed, or even when one just adds a job through job builder and cancels immediately.

For the first two cases I can imagine it might be a design choice (though I’d advocate against it), but the third option doesn’t make sense - cancel makes you unable to edit the job parameters, but the job is still created even if it’s unable to do anything (no input data).



Hi Juraj,

Try pressing “B”.

There should be a non-hotkey way of doing this but I don’t believe there is at present.



Hi @xeniorn,

You can edit the parameters of a building job by pressing ‘B’ on your keyboard, or by clicking on the purple ‘Building’ button on the job card.

You can also refer to additional keyboard shortcuts and options here: https://cryosparc.com/docs/reference/general/


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Hi Suhail - there is no indication that this UI element is “clickable”, and it is only clickable in one state (it is not a toggle). I had no idea you could click on this element after using the software for some time.

Also, other UI elements in the same place (e.g. the “Queued” and “waiting” labels) are not clickable. Perhaps it would be better to have a labeled toggle in the details tab of the right-hand sidebar - maybe a button labeled “Edit parameters”, or “Activate job for editing”?


Ah, many thanks, I wasn’t aware of either method! Indeed, I would agree that a more intuitive way of doing this would be in order. For a job in “building” state, I would think that the job builder being active after clicking on it should be the default. :slight_smile:



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The reason as to why the job builder is ‘sticky’ is so you can continue to navigate to other jobs, inspect them and drag and drop outputs into the input slots of the job builder.

- Suhail