Time estimate for the last cycle of class2D

Dear cryoSPARC team
I am wondering can user estimate how long the last iteration of class2D will take? I understand the last cycle will use all particles while the previous cycles don’t (unless the default parameters changed). It will be nice if an estimate is provided in the job log or one can roughly estimate the time based on number of particles, box size and numbers of GPUs (here is 3 million particles, 512x512, and 2 GPUs).

On a second thought, is 328500 the number of particles that has been processed by this GPU?
– DEV 0 THR 0 NUM 328500 TOTAL 4650.2650 ELAPSED 4651.9808 –


There’s no benefit to using the unbinned particles for 2D, especially for the initial picks. You can scale 512 px to 128 px for example; it will be at least 16x faster.