The "Select 2D Classes" option is suggested to be enabled to allow simultaneous input of multiple "2D Classification" results

I have a dataset with 6 million particles, and when performing “2D Classification” on one GPU server, the process takes too long.

However, I have 8 GPU servers available, so I can use the “Particle Sets Tool” to divide these particles into 8 sets, and each GPU server can perform “2D Classification” on one set. Then, when performing “Select 2D Classes,” it will require 8 separate operations, which will take a lot of time. Is it possible to allow “Select 2D Classes” to accept the results of these 8 “2D Classification” tasks simultaneously?

Seconded, I have also recently asked for this feature, both with integrated classes of all inputs or individual sets for each input


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve recorded the feature request.