The mic name of "source" and “query” dose not match while importing particles

Hello, everyone! I am trying to import particles into cryoSPARC and link them to micrographs. However, the result seems to quite strange. The “Example source micrograph filename” dose not match the “Example query micrograph filename” as is shown below. Is is ok?

Hi @Verdandy,

The example source/query micrograph filenames that are printed out are only displayed to show you the strings that are used to correspond between micrograph paths, after applying the prefix/suffix removal parameters (i.e. the “Length of input micrograph file name prefix to cut” and so on). The source paths come from the micrograph’s dataset micrograph_blob/path field and the queries from the rlnMicrographName in the particles’ star file. The intent of the example is to ensure that the structure of the two match, as in they have the same number of characters after removing the prefixes/suffixes and are aligned – they aren’t expected to print the same string. So long as you don’t get any “Could not find match…” assertion errors later on in the job, a correspondence was found for each particle based on seeking the trimmed micrograph_blob/path source that matches the trimmed rlnMicrographName query.

Let me know if this makes sense!


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Thanks @mmclean ! Yes, your reply really helps.