Test adjustments in Live - feature suggestion


When using the “Test adjustments” mode during particle picking in Live, it would be very handy if the adjusted values were shown as a different layer - the way it is, it is impossible to compare the adjusted picking parameters with the previous ones without taking a screenshot, as the original picks are replaced by the adjusted picks.


Also - “testing adjustments” seems to take a lot longer - minutes vs seconds - vs what I would expect for picking an individual micrograph. This makes it slow to test multiple different picking parameters

Hi @olibclarke,

We are indeed contemplating an expanded functionality for test-mode in Live. Specifically to make it easier to compare picks between parameter choices or pickers. This will be especially necessary once we have deep-picking in Live.

Regarding the speed of test-mode updates, this is actually a consequence of how Live processing has to work - all the “preprocessing” GPUs are constantly given work to keep up with new images coming in as fast as possible. When you click test, it doesn’t actually take minutes to compute the new pick location - but the processing can’t start until one of the workers finishes the movie it was working on at the time, becomes free, and asks for new work from the management system. After that it should only take seconds to compute and display the new picks.
In the new designs we are working on, we’ll be trying to keep the update latency when testing pickers as small as possible, as we also do see that picking is now the most cumbersome/time-taking part of setting up a Live session.

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It’s also worth noting that the time it takes for a worker to become free to take on a test-mode micrograph will depend on the size/type/compression of the movies, as well as the number of workers you have - more workers means that it will take less time on average for one of them to become free

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