Template picking ignores previously failed exposures


I started template picking after an initial round of blob picking. It failed on all exposures, because I forgot to set the particle diameter. Two issues:

  1. The error explaining the reason for the failure is exposed nowhere within the Live interface. You have to dig through the logs in cryosparc to find it. All errors that lead to failure should be accessible within the Live interface - if I didn’t know where to go I wouldn’t have found it.

  2. When I then try repicking with diameter set on all exposures, it ignores all failed exposures and does not repick them - I have to go through each one individually and click “Test Templates and parameters” - this seems like a bug.


Also - rather than failing, it should just not run, and give you a warning that the diameter needs to be set…

I am also still seeing problems editing text fields, even in Chrome - After I have entered something for particle diameter, it won’t let me clear the text field.

Ah I see now there is an option for resetting failed exposures on the config page - but I don’t really see in this case why they are not reset automatically?

Hi @olibclarke

You can find the reason an exposure failed by clicking on the “Individual” tab while having an exposure selected.

When the RTP Worker tries to process an exposure, if it fails, it will re-try the failed step up to a maximum of three times. After that point, if it still fails, it will post the message in the individual tab and skip the exposure, until you hit “Reset all failed exposures”.

OK - but if picking without a set diameter will always fail, why does it allow submission? Shouldn’t the submission remain grayed out, with a message like “you must set diameter”?

Hi @olibclarke,

You’re correct, we’ll make sure that there is some sort of front-end validation for the input fields. Sorry for the inconvenience!