Template picking - diameter specification

Dear colleagues,

Implementing the diameter definition to the CS Template picking protocol can be beneficial based on the loaded templates.

Interestingly, one still needs to define the particle diameter even though the template was already being loaded.

Although the picking seems to be improved with the template, it makes little difference with blob picking on the first look. :slight_smile:

Also, since and when the templates under different protein orientations may have quite variable sizes, doesn’t specify precisely the diameter in the template picking protocol bring certain restrictions?

Thank you.

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Dear All,

I would agree as well it would be great to have the value inferred from the template. Would it be possible to get longest and shortest dimensions at template creation and inform the users of those?

Additionally for template picking task it would be great to have the queue button greyed until the size is provided. Currently it is possible to submit without yet it is required. The job will fail but it may be in a queue and the user might not know right away.



Thanks for the feedback, we recorded the feature to infer diameter from template if diameter is not provided for the template picker.


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