Template picking based on manual pick

I found an old post from 2019 saying we can have manual picks for only initial 100 micro-graphs and that still seems to be a case. Is there a way to manually pick from all the micro-graphs with recent updates?
More, from the available 100 micro graphs on which manual picking is possible, I generate 2D templates, however, if I input 2D template into template picking job, it happens to pick again all random particles. How do I improve this?
In my case, I am trying to pick the end portion of a viral tail tip (which is pointed compared to the main tail portion). Since the tail section is long, program picks entire tail including some of the tips and tips do not come up in the 2D classification from template picking. Even if some with luck will have very less particle count.
Could anyone please suggest me a strategy that would be helpful in this case.

Try using the manual picks as an input to train a Topaz model: https://guide.cryosparc.com/processing-data/all-job-types-in-cryosparc/deep-picking/topaz/topaz-tutorial (you can also try cryolo but you’d have to do that outside of cryosparc).

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Thank you for the suggestion…I shall give it a go, hope it works with this target