Template 1 ignored (Live Picking)

when generating or importing templates for use in CryosparcLive’s template picker, the first template is ignored from selection. if you select only the first template, you get an error that no templates were selected (though the template is appropriately highlighted). if you select 4 including the first, then 3 are used, and if you select 4 not including the first then 4 are used. frustrating bug because quite often the first (most populous) template is of most interest.

4.4.0-refmotion-workflows.2 but this bug has existed for quite some time. have not updated to current version yet.

Thanks @CryoEM2 for reporting this issue, which we recorded.

Hi @CryoEM2, thanks again for this report. A fix is available in the latest CryoSPARC v4.4.1!

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