Symmetry Expansion particles subtract same part using particles subtraction job

Hi cryosparc team,

I have symmetry expaned my particles with C3.Then,I want to subtract one part from particles.But,the expanded particles subtract the same place as origin particles.In other word,I got three copy same subtracted particles.Is there a way I can sovle it in cryosparc?


Hi RuiRui,

That shouldn’t happen - in our hands subtraction after symmetry expansion works as expected. How are you evaluating that subtraction is occurring in the same place?

Visually it will look like the same place, as the three subunits of your C3 entity will be overlayed after symmetry expansion, but subtraction of all three symmetry expanded copies will happen independently - could that be the issue?


Hi olibclarke,

Thanks for your reply.I think you are right,I just fint it look like the same place. I made a mistake :sweat_smile:


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