Super-resolution pixel size resulting in small map


I am working with a dataset collected on a Krios with a K2, and a pixel size of 1.114. Using super-resolution, the pixel size is 0.557.

Importing my movies with the super-resolution pixel size, I’m getting a product map that is half the size of the map I get from the regular pixel size. Related structures make it clear that the regular pixel size map is the correct one, and the super-resolution map is too small.

Am I implementing super-resolution wrong in some way or am I skipping a step? In principle, I understand why this is happening, but can’t sort out a way around it. I also assume this is wildly throwing off my resolution estimates, as I am getting GSFSC scores around 3.3 A for data that is clearly closer to 6 A. Apologies for the possible naivety, but I did not find a post covering this topic.

What does the movie_blob/shape line look like in import movies?

mscope_params/accel_kv : {300.0}
mscope_params/cs_mm : {0.1}
mscope_params/total_dose_e_per_A2 : {45.03}
mscope_params/exp_group_id : {22}
mscope_params/phase_plate : {0}
mscope_params/neg_stain : {0}
movie_blob/psize_A : {0.557}
movie_blob/shape : [ 30 3710 3838]

Not super res… double check that you are importing the correct movies, or that super res was set correctly during data collection

That was rather straightforward… thank you very much Oli

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