Suggestion for upload local files


The new upload local files function is super convenient - thanks very much for implementing it!!

However, at present it is not very discoverable - if people don’t read the guide or the release notes they may not realize it exists.

To address this, I wonder if it might be possible to integrate it into the file browser for import volume? E.g. have a button for upload local files in that browser, drag file to upload, and once upload is complete automatically set the path of the uploaded volume as the volume to import?



Hi @olibclarke ,

Thanks for the feedback, glad the local upload system is helpful. We’ve made a note of your suggestion and will keep it in mind as we make improvements to the file browser!


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Thanks @sdawood! I also wonder if it would be worth adding an option to the drag/drop upload files interface to automatically create & run an import volumes job in the current workspace for the uploaded file (assuming it is recognized as an MRC file).

I suspect this would be what users want in 90%+ of use cases (uploading masks & initial volumes for refinement), so it could streamline/simplify the process a bit.

Also, an option to remove/overwrite an existing file from the uploads interface would be useful (instead of just appending an identifier in the case of a duplicate)

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