Suggested enhancements for Manual Picker


I have been doing a bit of manual picking lately using the most recent version, and I have a couple of thoughts/suggestions:

  1. The new thumbnail viewer in Curate Micrographs is very nice. It would be nice if this came to Manual Picker too, so the user can easily select the best mics to prioritize for picking.

  2. The user can currently scroll to pan the field of view entirely outside the micrograph, in which case it is impossible to pan back to the micrograph. The user should not be able to pan so far that the micrograph leaves the field of view. Panning also seems to require that the mouse cursor is located directly over the micrograph, and does not respond if the cursor is located in the space around it (in the same pane).

  3. When working on a laptop, the view of the micrograph is rather tiny, necessitating a lot of zooming and panning. It would be very useful to have a “full screen” view, with just the micrograph & controls (plus next/previous mic controls).


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Agreed! Although I think points 2 and 3 have already been raised and are “in the queue”…?

The fix for panning the micrograph off the viewable area was clicking the snap zoom (“Fit display area”?) button. Is it not working?

edit: Checked and the Fit display area button snaps the off-screen micrograph back in Live, Inspect Picks and Manual Pick jobs. v4.3.1.

It works, but it is not a solution IMO. Let’s say you are zoomed in at 1x and panning around. You click fit to display, you totally lose the spot you were looking at. I think it just shouldn’t be possible to pan outside the bounds of the micrograph - there is no reason I can see why that would be useful…

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Hi @olibclarke,

Thanks for the suggestions. We are actually currently looking into solutions for all of these pain points.

We have plans to add the micrograph thumbnail grid view to the Manual Picker and Inspect Picks jobs, as well as a “full screen” mode for the interactive jobs exposure viewer, in a future release.

We are also looking into updating the functionality of the exposure viewer to fix the panning behaviour you brought up.

- Kelly

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Sounds great, thanks Kelly!