Subdiving dataset into small parts

Hi, is there a way to divide a dataset into smaller parts ? For example, if I have 6000 movies, and I want to process only 1000 at a time, is there a way in cryosparc to do that ? I see one can do motion correction indicating how many to process, for example, but this way I won’t be able to do this. Another way is clearly to divide the motion corrected mics manually in subfolders, then re-import them in cryosparc, and essentially treat each subset as it would be a different dataset. later on combine particles.
Any better suggestion ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @marino-j, you can use Exposure Set Tools, available in v2.11+, to split a dataset of exposures into smaller parts. Please see:

You can also do the same for particles using Particle Set Tools. Hope this helps!

Thank you, I will try as soon as I update to 2.11+ as you suggest.

Thanks a lot for your help !