Strange image corruption during cryosparc live .mrc import

Dear cryosparc team,

I had a strange image “corruption” during cryosparc live:

Raw images were checked in 3dmod and look ok.

Best regards,

Would you be willing to share one of the “offending” movies with us, along with

  • a screenshot the corresponding pre-processed image
  • a screenshot of the configuration tab (pixel size, spherical aberration, dose, voltage, …)
  • gain reference

If needed, we can provide a link for data upload.

Of course I can share it. I imported directly motion corrected file (.mrc)?

Does this change your files request?

Best regards,

CryoSPARC Live requires the import of movies. The import of motion-corrected, single-frame micrographs is not supported.

Thank you for providing the additional details, which fully explain the problem. That removes the need for sharing sample files with us.

It worked for 5000 images

Please can you try importing the motion-corrected mrc files into regular CryoSPARC, and report errors you observe during downstream processing in regular CryoSPARC.

That’s what I did afterwards. I didn’t have any problem.

The downstream processing in regular CryoSPARC went smoothly.