Split particle stack based on per-particle scale factor

I occasionally have binomial/multi-modal distribution in my per-particle scale factor histogram and would like to slice and reconstruct the different populations of particles to figure out what is going on. Could you please implement this action in the GUI. Perhaps in a new tool that also includes other ways of splitting the data, e.g. based on defocus value, X and Y coordinates etc. It could be an interactive job akin to the manual curate exposure or inspect particle picks.


Thanks @daniel.s.d.larsson for your suggestion. I realize that you specifically requested a GUI implementation, but wanted to mention that cryosparc-tools might be a good fit for this task.

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@wtempel, how would you do the selection in cryosparc-tools?
I have my particles dataset loaded and can see the alignments3D/alpha column, which seems to be the per-particle scale factors, but Iā€™m not sure how to split the dataset based on some threshold (eg. keep all >0.6).

Can I use query with a range? Or maybe split_by?


I must say a GUI implementation of this feature would be most welcome