Sort by user name or hide projects

Dear @team,

As a cryosparc admin, I get to see a lot of projects when I open up the webpage. Of course, this is great but I would also like to be able to hide the projects that I’m not working on or at the very least sort the projects based on the user (and maybe hide projects of certain users?) who has created it. Is that currently possible or in development?



Hi @vamsee,

You can create another account with an additional email account for personal processing. Thats how I have it set up for this reason.


Hi @jaremko,

Of course, I could do that. But, that kind of defeats the purpose of having an admin account. I also would like to know if I could hide projects. Lets see if the admins have an answer to this.



Hi @vamsee,

Thanks for your suggestion! At the moment this is not possible with the existing user interface. We’re working on a new update to the cryoSPARC interface with many updates including the ability to sort and filter projects, workspaces and jobs. Please stay tuned for version updates!


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