Slow/freezing with tree view


The tree view is great for working with heterogeneous sample. But it starts to be slower or freezing when there are few hundreds jobs. Creating a new workspace seems not making it faster. Is there any suggestion on configuration/browser/hardware to make it faster?

Thank you!

@parrot Please can you post some additional information:

  1. the CryoSPARC version
  2. the full URL that you enter into the web browser’s address bar to access the CryoSPARC UI (why?)

The version is 4.4.1.
The URL is
The browser is chrome in linux.

Unless the URL begins with
please can you test tree view performance with

  1. local port forwarding
  2. access to the UI via a url like<localport>

and let us know whether you observe an improvement.

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I do see noticeable improvement by doing this. Thank you!