Skip phase estimation for VPP data

In order to disable phase shift estimation for VPP data, is it sufficient to change the min and max shift both to 0˚ in Patch CTF? Thanks!

It seems to cause the following error:

Hi @DanielAsarnow, in Patch CTF estimation of phase shift is controlled by whether the incoming exposures have mscope_params/phase_plate set to 1 (default 0).
If you have VPP data and don’t want to estimate phase shift, would you not set the phase to 90 degrees rather than 0 degrees?

Ah, I see what you mean. The XY problem here is I was helping someone with a dataset from an outside facility that was supposed to use a phase plate, but to me it was pretty clear the PP hadn’t actually been inserted (not to mention, all phases were near 0˚ or 180˚). I wanted to run Patch CTF without phase estimation to confirm the fits were equivalent - I just reimported the micrographs from Patch Motion.