Simulated Data Job Generates Blank Particles

Hi, I was playing with Simulated Data and met the following problem, the generated particles do not seem right(although the job finished without any errors):
截屏2023-12-13 15.31.08
If I performed homogeneous refinement with the generated particles then I met the following mistake:

Can you tell me how to fix it, thanks~(The parameters of Simulated Data Job were set by default, I tried to change the SNR to 0 and did not apply CTF, but I met the same mistake)

@fxminato Please can you post additional details:

  • the box size of the input volume and details about the volume’s origination
  • the non-default parameters of the refinement job
  • the last approx 20 lines of the Simulate Data job’s Event Log

Thank you for replying~ I checked the Simulate Data job’s Event Log and found that the pixel size of my imported volume is zero. Now I have changed my import volume and solved the problem, thanks~

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