Show recently completed jobs on home page (suggestion)


I really like the “active jobs” card on the home page. It is a useful way to get a quick idea of what is going on on the system. However, if I am keeping an eye on a job here and it completes, it just disappears - recently completed jobs are not shown here.

I would suggest adding a toggle to switch between active and recently completed jobs, in the same way one can switch between “my jobs” and “all jobs”.

I know there are other ways to get to this - e.g. the “recents” sidebar that one can access with Cmd+;, but I think it would fit well to show recently completed jobs here also.



yes, we used to be able to see the list of ALL jobs, running failed completed etc. then I could see the ones that completed within the last X hours and know those are ones I have not looked at completed results yet. thanks oli!

Hi @olibclarke ,

Sure, we’ll add that to our list!

@CryoEM2 you can still access the job history page, it’s just not within the resource manager tabs. Navigate to it via the overflow menu in the navigation bar:

This page is a lot more powerful than before since you can customize filters and bookmark the URL to come back to it at any time:

- Suhail