Show ancestral extraction job in Details tab (feature request)


In the details tab, the immediate “parents” and “children” of the selected job are shown. Two suggestions for improving this interface:

  1. Indicate whether each parent job contributed particles, volumes or masks. E.g. instead of J999 and J1000 as parents, have J999 (particles) J1000 (volumes), J1001 (particles & volumes), etc.

  2. Have a separate slot for the most recent ancestral particle extraction jobs (or particle import jobs). I spend quite a bit of time tracing the chain of jobs back to work out exactly which particle extraction job contributed the particles in the current refinement - this seems like something that could be handled automatically.


Hi @olibclarke , thanks for the suggestion! Agreed this would be very helpful - I’ve added this to our list!

- Suhail

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