Share project with collaborators

Hi -

We are using cryosparc v4.0.2 and are interested in sharing a project with collaborators. However, I don’t quite understand how to do it with this new version? From the help, it sounded like the project needs to be “detached” first, however, it looks. like if we do that, we won’t be able to use it locally (“the project will also display as ‘detached’ and no longer be usable”) which is an issue if we want the jobs to be processable both in our instance and on the collaborators’ workstation. Is there anything I missed?


A project directory must not be attached to more than one instance at any given time. As I understand the situation, you need to choose between two collaboration modes:
Option A. The collaborator works on a “fork” (independent copy) of the project directory on a separate CryoSPARC instance.

  1. (temporarily) detach of the project directory from the source instance during copying to facilitate attachment to the collaborator’s instance. The project directory can be reattached to your own instance after copying.
  2. send the copy of the project directory to your collaborators, who will attach it to their instance.

Things to consider when preparing the copy of your project directory:

  • certain imported data, such as movie files, are linked to the project directory and may not be available on the target instance by simply attaching a copy of the project directory.
  • it may be sufficient to export and share selected jobs with your collaborator

Option B. The collaborators process data inside shared project(s) on your instance. Your collaborator may access a firewalled instance through vpn or ssh tunneling.

ok, thank you @wtempel