Setting Tilt Values

I am trying to use particles that were picked and extracted using cryosparc for helical reconstruction in relion. I ran to convert the extracted particles for use in relion. However, it seems that relion assigns the tilt of particles to be used for helical reconstruction to 90 degrees while cryosparc does not. This has made helical reconstruction in relion difficult using particles extracted from cryosparc. Therefore, I was curious if anyone knows of a way to manually set the tilt for a set of particles to a specific value like 90. This would make it much easier to bring particles from cryosparc into relion for helical reconstruction.



Assuming the rest of the .star file is otherwise fine, does relion_star_handler with --operate and --set_to do the job? Or --add_column with --add_column_value if the column is missing.

Entering the command on its own prints a list of possible arguments.


Yes, that worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!