Separate Live platform

Is there a way to run the version 4.X Live platform separately, on a different port, as in the 3.X versions?

Or could this old feature be made available again in the future release?

Thank you.

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Agreed this would be great for EM cores to allow more control over what users can and cannot do, particularly now that some of the more common custom parameters for the main jobs are exposed in the Live UI!

@harry Are you interested in this separation for the same reasons as @olibclarke, or have additional reasons?

@wtempel yes. For data collection in Live platform, users can focus more on the image quality, and the imaging system performance during the session. Post processing features tend to distract the users and disrupt the real time monitoring.

Hi all, just to chime in: are we requesting the same functionality as before in that you had to visit two different URLs to use the standard CryoSPARC interface and CryoSPARC Live? Would it be helpful to restrict access so that certain users only have access to a particular session or set of sessions? Would it be helpful to restrict access so that a session is read-only?

@sdawood Hi, We would like to have a separate Live platform for 4.x running on a separate port as in the 3.x version. Session access restriction can be achieved by project creation and user sharing. Thank you.