Selecting volume does not bring up Volume Tools as option in Job Cart (bug)


Selecting the volume output from a NU-refine job doesn’t bring up Volume Tools as an option in the job cart. Selecting the mask does bring it up as an option. Is this a bug or intended behavior?


EDIT: I can go to “All” and select it there, but then when I create a Volume Tools job in that manner it fails with an error, stating the directory is not empty (even though the outputs look fine). If I clone and re-run the failed job, it runs successfully. Seems like there is a bug here.

EDIT2: The card labels on the Volume tools job created in this manner are wrong - showing the wrong box size. I think this occurs when performing two operations in a vol tools job. In this case, I was taking a 256px volume, resampling to 450px, then cropping to 512px. The label shown on the resulting card is 450px, whereas the actual output is (correctly) 512px.


Hey @olibclarke ,

Thanks for reporting!

  1. Yes, this is a bug. The filtering logic is failing in this scenario as both volume and mask inputs are optional (min: 0, max: 1). We’ll fix this!
  2. I wasn’t able to reproduce this. On my instance I could select the volume and create a Volume Tools job via the ‘All’ tab. The job is successfully created and the volume input is also connected correctly.
  3. This is also a bug! At the moment the job info tag refers to just the vol_resample_N parameter without taking into account the crop (vol_crop_N). We will also fix this

- Suhail

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Thanks @sdawood! #2 was happening only sporadically on my system; entirely possible it is just a system/load specific quirk