Selecting multiple datasets

Dear All,

I have a dataset with around 800,000 particles. I started ab-initio run with all the praticles and it worked for 2 hrs and then crashed complaining about the memory allocation.
Now, I have split the dataset with 100,000 particles each. I want to select 1-2 datasets but cryosparc doesn’t allow me to select more than one dataset at a time.
Is there any way that I can work by selecting multiple datasets at a time and run the experiments.

Thanks and Regards

Data sets can’t be run together, however you can ‘trick’ cryosparc into joining them by adding a file-set to the dataset. For instance if you want to run ab initio with just 100,000 particles at a time, and then take your favourite class from each into a refinement with all of those ‘cleaned’ particles you can load in a file-set metafile (say a star file which lists 100,000 particles) and “launch” the dataset then do the ab initio. You can then remove the file-set, add a new metafile listing the second group of 100,000 particles and re-launch the dataset, and run ab initio again. To combine the file-sets simply add all of the metafiles when you re-launch, and then you can merge classification results etc.

Thanks for the reply Zev.
I will try doing this.