Selecting micrograph with 0 picks locks app (Inspect Picks bug)


In Inspect Picks (v4), if a micrograph with zero picks is selected in the table, the entire interface locks up (this happens on both Safari and Chrome).


Hi @olibclarke ,

Thanks for reporting! Could you report if there’s a Python error reported in the ‘Metadata → Log’ tab?

- Suhail

Not that I can see. I should note, that after it locks up, if I then reopen cryosparc in another tab the job itself is still okay - still interactive - unless I select a micrograph with zero picks. So I suspect it is a bug in the UI of some sort.

Thanks for the clarification @olibclarke . Could you send me your .cs files if possible?

Hi @sdawood - sure, which cs files? This doesn’t seem to be dataset dependent though, it happens every time… does it not reproduce on your end?


Sorry my mistake, just as you messaged I was able to reproduce this! We’ll fix this for the next release. Thanks!

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