Select 2D - Add more parameters in Auto Thresholds?

Hi cryosparc team,

I am using v4.0.3.

I like the Auto Thresholds function in the Select 2D. Because when I start 2D classification before going to bed in the evening, I set Auto Thresholds in Select 2D, followed by Ab-initio and NU-refinement, then I can see the 3D map the next morning, which is really time-saving.

However, there are always some good 2D classes that can’t be selected automatically because there are only two parameters in the Auto Thresholds- resolution and particle numbers. I am wondering if your team could add more parameters, something like auto selecting using the 2D templates which is generated from “Creat Templates”. In this case, the Select 2D job can automatically select good classes more precisely.


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Hi @Yifan,

Thanks for the request. We are keeping this on our radar as a potential improvement to our 2D classification & select 2D workflow.


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