Scrolling laggy in table view (v4)


I really like the table view in v4 - it is compact and responsive, which is great for workspaces with many jobs. However, when scrolling through the table, it lags every 50 jobs or so - this makes sense for the card view, where images etc are presumably computationally expensive to load, but perhaps for the table view it could load all lines at once (or at least increase the size of the buffer) to make scrolling smoother?


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Hi @olibclarke ,

There’s a new option in v4.0.2 that allows you to toggle whether or not to use the incremental loading feature when viewing jobs within a workspace:

This works on all views. Again, not the full solution we’re going for in the long term but hopefully this helps.

- Suhail

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ah I had no idea that was there, thanks!

(EDIT: Couldn’t find it and just realized this is on 4.02, which I think is not released yet, look forward to trying it!)

We released v4.0.2 on Monday, check out the release notes: Latest Updates | CryoSPARC

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Gotcha - in the UI it showed 4.01 and said it was on the latest version, so I got confused - updating now!

Just tried this after updating and this is much better!!!

Ah interesting - we’ll take a book into that (the update message) as it should notify you about the latest release, even if it’s a minor one.

Great! So the lag you were experiencing was actually intentional - certain data only loads when you scroll to the bottom of the page (incremental loading). We see now that for certain cases this is not ideal! Hopefully this addition will make browsing easier until we find a more performant solution :slight_smile:

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Yes for a 1000 job workspace it means maybe 10s lag at the start, as opposed to spending several minutes scrolling/rescrolling - vast improvement!

Hi @sdawood,

This is unrelated to the topic, but it’d be nice to see the patch release number in the UI where you see the version number (checked on v4.0.1+221017).

I believe v3 showed the patch release number along with the version number.


Hi @kookjookeem ,

CryoSPARC v4.0.2 added that functionality back to the UI!

- Suhail