Resurrection of old project

Dear All, I have deleted my previous cryosparc installation, and re-installed it. However, I have obviously lost all projects and jobs. Is there a way to resurrect those, given the the P folders are still there ? The obvious preoblem is that there are no .json files in the P folder, as likely that version I had did not produce them yet…
Sorry when this has been discussed already.

Thank you and best wishes

Hi @marino-j,

As long as you did not delete the old database directory, all your files are still intact. When you reinstall cryoSPARC, all you need to do is specify the same path to the old cryoSPARC database location during the command.
What I’d recommend is for you to reinstall cryoSPARC again but this time use the correct database path.
First, turn off cryoSPARC and make a copy of your old database folder. Then, download the master and worker .tar.gz files as usual and start the installation of the master, but this time, make sure you specify the correct path in <db_path> in this command:

./ --license $LICENSE_ID --hostname <master_hostname> --dbpath <db_path> --port <port_number>

Please let me know if you have any questions.

thank you for your answer !